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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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or similar size meet yore did that over a remote region of siberia in 1908. it atlantaed over 830 square miles and the same meteor hit london we would have had no london. we were lucky then. we should be lucky now. some call -- [ inaudible ] but if memory serves me right, dinosaurs were not so lucky. forget losing data. the dinosaurs lost, well, dinosaurs. here is the killer. they didn't get a warning, which is probably just as well. who needs a text to confirm you're about to be toast? all right. speaking of dinosaurs, they are coming back from extension. why? well, to catch my "state of the union" coverage. it promises to be that good. don't the ladies of strait of "s illustrated" know it? it's my big return. they don't want to miss a second of it.
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neither should you. we have got so much going on. beginning at 8:00 p.m. we're on the air through 11:00. what do i get with you, neil, that i don't get anywhere else? live market reaction as it's going on. you get the full republican response from marco rubio. you are getting business tita titans to weigh in on the impact it has for you and the hiring plan. you might want to listen up to that. in other words, added value. basic cable. together. on a network that means what we say. we are superheroes looking out for you. ladies, good night. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: the shooter who killed usama bin laden has spoken but what he is saying
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may surprise you. look, bin laden is dead and america is safer. the guy who hit him is out of work and struggling to feed his family. cautious and careful not to leak secrets or put the country at risk. he is broke. he served 16 years in the navy, not 20 years to earn a pension and he is thrown out of the healthcare system because his 180 days ran out. some people can cash in on the kill. "zero dark thirty" for example. >> 100%. >> we will never find him. ♪ ♪ >> he is one of them. >> eric: that film is grossing $100 million. is it fair that the guy with
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deployments and 30 plus kills including bin laden is struggling to put football and healthcare for his wife and -- food and healthcare on the table for his wife and kids? should this be how we treat heroes? you're shaking your head. crazy. >> andrea: c'mon. if zero dark 30 wins, this is the best solution. bigelow should have him accept the award in disguise and let him be the guy with the accolades. give him a cut of the money. the problem with this, he has had one of the greatest achievements of all time, but he can't tell anyone about it. so others can. i could go to the restaurant and say i'm the guy that killed bin laden and get free dessert. that is what is going to happen in 30 years. >> eric: this is 27 pages and it's fascinating read. here it is. $25 million. bounty on bin laden's head. they don't touch a dime of it. he's trying to put food on the terribly. >> kimberly: isn't there
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something terribly wrong about this? isn't this one of the unjust stories you think about? they sacrifice every day to put the life on the line to make the country and the world a safer place, if they are treated like this, marginalized, not able to get a job. dana mentioned before, they are great organizations that do work with veterans. this is a very unique group. they are programmed and trained to kill. what do you do when you get out? they don't get paid much. some of them make $50,000. if you're lucky and you stay in and enlisted, maybe you make $100,000. that is not a lot to support a wife and kids, especially with the work that the wives are doing at home, holding down the home front with the guys with multiple deployment. to retire and get the money you have to do 20 years of sacrifice. >> eric: president obama took a victory lap after victory lap, but the shooter can't feed his kids. the system seems to be broken. >> bob: it's broken if that is the case. according to the defense
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department he is entitled to 35% of his pay for now until the rest of his life. i just checked that with the defense department. >> kimberly: based on the number of years then? >> bob: yeah. >> eric: in this article, he says no. >> bob: maybe he is not aware of it. he did an extraordinary job. he should be taken care of. the fact they dropped him off healthcare after 180 days is ridiculous, until he gets it worked out. for the $25 million, that should be shared up and down the line with the woman who did a lot of intelligence and the people involved in it, including the other members of the six force. you suspect he will get some of that money. >> eric: so many different people making money on this aspect of this, commerce, whatever, film, video games. shouldn't we take care of him? >> dana: yes, though i have a little different view. he chose to go to navy and became an amazing seal. trained. there are standards and regulations that the military
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has. it says you have to serve "x" number of years to get "y" number of benefits. they don't necessarily change it because of heroism. i don't remember this in history. that heroes like he is would come forward and do an article like this. he is not asking for charity. he is looking for a job. i don't why someone wouldn't hire him? who wouldn't want him at a board meeting to say well, actually, that's what happened. even if you are just having him tell the story about leadership or something like that. that is something he could do. on the bonus money, i'm uncomfortable with it. this is the job. this was the mission. you sign up for a certain type of thing. i agree with bigelow. her giving him something out of this would make sense. should the government do it for the heroes, i don't think so. >> eric: think about this. if someone in pakistani turned him in or shot him, he would
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be walking around with $25 million. $25 million, i don't remember who the money was supposed to -- what we were hoping for. maybe it was supposed to go to the military. >> greg: this creates an interesting comparison against a guy that rixs his life for his country. typical bureaucrat that uses the country to pad the lifestyle. that is the person that is rewarded long-term through pensions and whatnot. one is a warrior. the other is a barnacle. the barnacle gets a better life. that is the injustice. >> bob: the person who captured saddam hussein did not get that. it's just part of your job. >> eric: i cannot imagine -- why do you go like this. i quit. bang. >> bob: all i'm saying is i suppose you could do that. >> kimberly: they would prosecute you or something. >> bob: i would be shocked if on the speakers circuit alone make hundreds of
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thousands of dollars. >> eric: listen to president obama on veterans day. watch. >> long after the battles end and the heroes come home, we stay by their side. that's who we are. nobody fights for country overseas should have to fight for a job or roof over their head or the care they have earned when they come home. >> bob: there is nothing changed under obama in terms of retirement and health in the military service at all. so putting that s.o.t. up there is nice to do to hook obama in to this. obama has nothing to do with this. military rules of retirement. >> eric: shrekively edit anything or do something wrong? aren't those his words saying we will take care of the people fighting for us overseas? >> greg: you disgust me. bob might have a point there. there is an interesting thing
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that nobody talks about. the left talks about waste when it comes to defense. they like big government unless it has to do with the military. if this wasn't the case the left would want the military every bit as big as social programs in america. they don't. that is weird. >> eric: imagine how much money we're wasting, tens o billions of dollars. this guy, who cares? if you win super bowl they give you money on top of salary. >> kimberly: what about the merit system. if you get up to seal team six, that takes skill and training. all of it. if it was something based on merit, why shouldn't they be paid more for the job they're doing? why not compensate.
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pay them what they're worth. a lot. >> dana: this is an issue that the republican party should take up. the republican party should come out and say they are for an increase in the base pay for enlisted military. i would imagine because of phil bronstein doing the piece for "esquire" magazine, sometimes you get advocacy journalism. so tomorrow you have group getting together to be bipartisan. thigh will try to pass something to do something on the benefit piece. maybe that is what the republican party should do is say they deserve a base pay.
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>> eric: watch this full screen. the t.s.a., the top level paid for regular t.s.a. agent, $155,000. dnv, 72,000. united postal service, the average employee, $82,000. this guy, the shooter, $60,000 because he put in 16 years. is that fair? >> dana: it doesn't seem like it, but i go back to choosing to become a navy seal and achieving that, there might be something, i'm not saying you shouldn't get catch sated for it but there is a personal commitment there. when i had a chance to go to navy seals training center and see the men, they had long beards, they were there for a higher purpose than money. i'm not saying we shouldn't take care of them financially, but there is a passion that is in their hearts that they care for in america. yes, we should do something. maybe now congress will want to change it. there is something strange
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about this one guy -- >> kimberly: you know what it is? he is trying to speak on behalf of all of them. he is trying to get the word out. >> bob: he knew what it was when he signed up. i guess it's impossible not to make $1 million. >> eric: why should you earn pension for the rest of your life for congress but if a guy that takes out bin laden doesn't get that? >> greg: there should be affirmative action for military when hiring. the best thing you do is hire a vet. they are the first guy on time. leaked board in the room. if there are no shock late sprinkles on the mocca latte. two years ago they were shot
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at. >> bob: there are hundreds right now. >> kimberly: that's why people like to hire them. perhaps there should be better communicate for an awareness where the options are. the guys that go in, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 years they have to leave school. some started out going to college. they were so successful and they care deeply about the country, sacrifice the education, too, to make it hard to get a job after we get out. it does. >> eric: leave it there. tonight, make sure you catch "hannity." he has phil bronstein the guy who got the interview and wrote the story with bin laden shooter. >> greg: will they go toe to toe. >> eric: eye to eye. he lost his toe. little back story on that. coming up on "the five," parody of paul harvey god may be a farmer ad that aired in the super bowl and it's called "god made me a liberal." god said i need someone
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willing to take a nap and borrow money, snorting bath salts. >> eric: where that came from? that is next on "the five."
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♪ ♪ >> dana: two videos burning up the internet over the weekend. the first is dr. ben carson at the national prayer breakfast thursday and the second is political spoof from the god made a farmer super bowl ad. here are some of the comments that carson made that set the internet on fire. >> we spent a lot of money on healthcare. twice as much per capita as anyone else in the world. not very efficient. what can we do? my solution, when the person is born, give them birth certificate and electronic medical record and health savings account, to which money can be contributed pretax from the time you're born to time you die. if you die you pass it on to
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your family members so when you are 85 years old and you have six diseases you're not trying to spend up everything and you are happy to pass it op and nobody talks about death panels. >> dana: following that, he found himself with more invitations to share his thoughts. here he is on "fox and friends." >> i'm not a republican or liberal. i'm independent. if there was a logic party, i'd be part of that. so many things are ideologically driven in washington, d.c. cades a million hits for that video. some people were upset that the setting was not appropriate. he took advantage of making the comments while the president and mrs. obama were sitting there. the president seemed unhappy. but no one is arguing the content. >> greg: he is plastic surgery, pediatric, and director of neurosurgery in john hopkins medical.
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no mention of community organizing. what a fraud. >> bob: political acumen? >> greg: people talk about division and polarity and rudeness. translation, please stop. it was only okay when the left could do it and the left could throw pies at ann coulter and the left could insult and threaten people's lives. finally the right are acting like the left. this is now why are you so rude? shut up you big babies. >> dana: what do you mean political acumen? you want to talk about the doctor? go ahead. medical acumen? >> bob: there is nobody on the left that went to prayer breakfast and threw a pie at anybody. >> dana: what about an inaugural address? >> bob: i don't know about inaugural address. >> dana: i remember one well. >> bob: but prayer breakfast is different situation. political acumen, he can talk about healthcare. that is fine. >> kimberly: he did. >> bob: not in that setting. the other thing about it he said everybody should put medical savings account
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together. millions of poor people have no money. he is looking for 15 minutes of fame. he is retiring on june 30. he will make $1 million -- >> dana: he doesn't need to. calling him a sell-out. >> dana: i didn't say that. you said that. >> dana: you are saying he will make $1 million and that's why he wanted to do it. >> greg: the worst thing in the world to go against obama. >> eric: can i agree with bob? this man is brilliant. he probably should be in the next administration whether it's democrat or republican. doesn't matter. he should be chief of staff, somewhere, making the decision. i don't think he should be president. i hear the right saying he is the next, the "wall street journal" says -- >> kimberly: people are excited about it. the right is so devoid of a real conservative candidate. they are looking for this. this idea. the problem is -- we are going to go through this again where we have a guy who can't win. >> kimberly: are you worried about that, though? >> greg: i don't see a ground swell to run for president. people find it refreshing somebody is saying what we all
2:22 pm
think. >> dana: kimberly, can you talk about this and then we'll go to if next one? >> kimberly: thank you so much. thank you for asking so sweetly. yes. my point is this country was found opt the principles of democracy -- founded on the principles of democracy and freedom of speech. why isn't it okay for this man to speak about what he sees going wrong in the country. well educated and incredible example to so many kids growing up. he came from a single mom. his brother is an aeronautical and mechanical engineer, rocket scientist. the mom never let them make excuses. what could they do to make themselves better? we need people like this on both sides. >> dana: that's what a lot of people were saying. >> bob: founding was also the separation of church and state. >> dana: he talked about obamacare as the national prayer breakfast. you weren't up in arms about that. >> kimberly: no. >> dana: the national prayer breakfast is where people give speeches on all sorts of different things.
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we're going to get to second topic. super mexican who is somebody i follow on twitter. s-o-o-p-e-r. sooper mexican. they came up with this video based on the super bowl ad that everybody seemed to like. watch. >> i need a person that can take a thriving community and turn it in to a debt-ridden post apocalyptic welfare state. god said i need somebody dumb enough to believe in global warming, deficit spending and arrogant enough to look down at hardworking folk because they don't have a worthless ph.d. in 20th century belgium lesbian studies. someone to pass an unread bill, person that would take story of american success and turn it in lesson of injustic injustice. so god made a liberal. >> dana: over 500,000 views of that one this weekend. greg, you like it for a little bit more of a communication strategy reason. >> greg: it's a realization
2:24 pm
that among the right, i would say the younger right, the people that are the future of conservatives and libertarianism that the left hates us. it's time to use the saul alinsky against them. it's the jugular. not the hugular. the jugular. that's how you win. the left has been doing it for generations. so now you are upset they're rude to you. grow some. >> dana: one of the things i notice in the video was about the vileness from some of the attacks. i am on twitter a lot. it tweet about my dog. it never put anything nasty about anybody. >> kimberly: except for greg. >> dana: but one thing and they will pound on you like whackamole. are you ever the target of that? bob is from the right. >> kimberly: bolling draws fire. >> eric: that video, i put those up on my twitter feed. i'm not supposed to be doing that sometimes. i love the one where president obama is like this at the
2:25 pm
podium and bill clinton is coming in like here i am. >> dana: they said they wanted to have fun. did you think it was funny? kili enjoyed it. >> dana: bob, did you love it? >> bob: nope. greg, we don't hate you. we don't. not all liberal hate you. i don't. >> greg: the stuff you get on twitter i've been getting for years. >> bob: i've been getting it for years, too. i would say that paul harvey ad was wonderfully beautiful patriotic ad. sorry to see they took it and turned in a political stat statement. >> dana: ve a group hugular. >> greg: i invented that. >> dana: i love it. hugular. very good. everyone will do it later. maybe not. papal resignation that surprised the world. is there a chance an american could replace pope bend bend? benedict? we take a look when we come back.
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we have a pope. [ bells toll ] >> kimberly: less than eight years ago when pope benedict xvi succeeded pope john paul ii. we woke up this morning to the news he will only lead the church for a few more weeks. he will resign citing his age and lack of strength. this is the first time this has happened in 600 years. historic occasion. a lot of speculation as to who will succeed pope benedict.
2:31 pm
>> eric: you lied? it was 598 years. >> kimberly: okay. >> eric: i may have a different take on this. i think he is doing the right thing. the pope, rather than this is what happens. the pope dies and we go through the burial, the funeral, the burials. meanwhile, the group that decides who the next pope will be scrambles to hurry up and put another pope in. he is giving everyone ample time to think about it. give two weeks before he retires and they are already picking names. we have potential names. he did the right thing. look at the business. you wouldn't throw a company in to, where you lose your founder or you lose your president because he dies and they try to scram to believe figure out who will replace him, ala steve jobs. nice transition. good idea. >> kimberly: dana, what do you think? there are opinions about this, of course, whether or not he should die as pope versus go ahead and resign. >> dana: i think in his statement where he described
2:32 pm
not having the strength to be able to do it. one of the things that his doctors told him he should not do overseas travel. one of the things about being the pope, you are the world leader of the catholic church. you need to be travelling and have the health to be able to do that. i think he made the right decision for him. i had a chance to meet him a couple of times. i'm not catholic, so it doesn't affect me the way it did some people. but watching some of the catholics that got to meet him, it meant so much to them. it found him a wonderful man of peace. i hope he is not too ill. >> kimberly: there has been concern, because christmastime he was looking frail. over the past 12 months. the fact that he is saying two weeks, that is very quick. not six months from now, two months from now. but the general consensus, take a listen to cardinal dolan and greg to react to his reaction of the news. >> my affection and the admiration for pope benedict
2:33 pm
xvi skyrocketed. i always admired him as a scholar and priest and a holy man. now my admiration for him is even higher. because of the humility. >> greg: i wonder if he is a retired boss, meddles and hangs around the office. that what does a retired pope do? this is the first time. what are job benefits? do they put it out there, the salary? >> kimberly: he is still bishop aher us th emeritus to r. >> greg: i am 48. it couldn't do it. >> kimberly: how about dolan? people are talking about it. it will be great to have an american pope. >> bob: i had a chance to
2:34 pm
meet john paul ii in the late '70s. for a guy who was old then, he had enormous energy. travelled around the world. the last two or three years he was stuck in the vatican because his health was deteriorating. a good modern step to take. most of the people if you look at the age of people in line, late 60s, early 70s. >> kimberly: those are the rules. >> bob: 42% of the catholics in this world are in south america. there is a strong push for latin american pope to succeed benedict. i wouldn't surprised to see it happen in this round. whether dolan has a shot or not, i don't know. relatively new cardinal. going to vatican, the politicking around these things are remarkable. two weeks to do it. a lot of politics. >> greg: sandra fluke wants a non-catholic in there. >> dana: this is defilement of the anti-catholic sentimen
2:35 pm
sentiment. there is love thrown his way as well. but i was surprised how disgusting some of the comments were against the catholic church and against the pope. >> kimberly: this is interesting because this is after he resigns they begin with the conclave to survive. strong contender from ghana who is 64 years old. >> eric: first black pope. by the way, you know why popes do this? the fingers -- this engages attend done and attaches to your heart. true story. >> greg: really? >> kimberly: my message to you is believe. straight ahead, man hunt for accused cop killer christopher doner. why are some people supporting this sicko? fan pages for fugitive are popping up on facebook. greg will have them next. ♪ ♪
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mp i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, surprise resignation. the head of the catholic church. the pope is stepping down. tonight on "special report," pope benedict xvi says he does not have the strength to stay on the job. he is 85 years old. he will be the first pope to resign in 600 years. we will have coverage from rome. the archbishop of washington joins us. president obama getting ready for the town. they feel it's an aggressive push on the economy. some of the president's pick to fill out the second term cabinet won't be on the job for tuesday's speech. we look at what is holding them up. the president awarded former army staff sergeant clinton romoshex with the medal of honor. he led fight to protect
2:41 pm
american outpost in afghanistan in october of 2009. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york. and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: christopher doner still on the loose. the crazed former cop posted manifesto on his murderous revenge. i read the whole thing. if this guy doesn't shoot you, he could bore you to death. most of the media ignores the gun control sentiment. if the manifesto had gone the other way it would be shouted from the rooftops, probably by piers morgan. doner may have killed three people including a fellow police officer has fe nam call
2:42 pm
supporters all over -- phenomenaphenomenal -- fanatical supporters all over the web. in the good old days they'd wait for killers to get to death row before they fell in love. not anymore. why is this? the mentality recaps evil as the cool is the mind set that gave us the manson family and enables murders to murder in prison, drives celebrities to be tyrants. why adults can wear che guevara shirts, another mass murder who trained firing squad to execute men with children. how long before dorner gets his own che shirt? abysmal shallow culture that falls in bed to every revolutionary like empty-headed groupie, i think i will make the first one. that will be $16. who says you can't make a buck off the suffering of others? >> kimberly: my gosh. >> greg: sorry about that. k.g., what is going on? >> greg: it has been interesting -- >> kimberly: it's
2:43 pm
interesting over the weekend with the snow and weather, they scaled backbe the search, actually for mr. dorner. think about it in terms of the resources, the amount of money they have to spend, overtime, canvassing such a large area. they said they are pursuing still 600 leads. there is speculation he is in this country, speculation he left the country, that he is headed for mexico. that is the problem. now you see $1 million reward. bounty semity for his head. it's cheaper to pay $1 million to continue the excessive spending on overtime to go after someone who is very dangerous. >> greg: charlie sheen came out and tried to contact him. do you think hollywood encourages the behavior making it seem cool? >> bob: you monologue suggested without saying it once again this is the left who embraced the killers. i want to absolve the left. they're not embracing them.
2:44 pm
i'm not embracing them. >> eric: conservatives -- >> bob: i'm not is suggesting it is anything political. the connection is tepid at best. the $1 million came from the community. i can't believe he has not been found yet. so that means maybe he got away. >> greg: that is what i'm thinking. >> eric: we go from the pope to this dope. >> greg: nice! >> eric: news today. the interesting part is charlie beckham, the police chief name, reopened the case to find out whether the lapd should have fired him. that is a nice ploy. i don't think chris corner is dumb enough to believe that. >> kimberly: this is about making the statements, instead of supervising officers and go to trial for an appeal. >> eric: it doesn't matter what the case. is they found it. he lied and they fired him. they are not really opening this case. they are trying to pull out corner say weg i'll reopen it and maybe he will give himself up.
2:45 pm
i doubt he's that dumb. >> kimberly: you think it's a ploy. >> eric: yep. >> greg: if he went on and on from gun control, they'd already tweet about it instantly. >> dana: when gabrielle giffords was shot, there was teaching at george washington university at the time. it followed one of my students on twitter. as soon as it happened, he said no, no, no angry tea party white people this is not the way to problems. that took off like wildfire. wait a second, let's find out who this is. who is the shooter? it turns out it was that kind of guy. the reactionary way that we look at some of these things through a political lens is unfortunate. what i hope is that either he is dead, or he is suffering greatly. >> bob: greg looked at it through a political lens on that one. >> dana: you can't avoid it on the internet. you cannot believe that people are -- it's all anonymous, the cowards, saying how much they support the cop killer. i don't know who they are. >> bob: absolve the
2:46 pm
liberals. they are fruitcakes is what they really are. charles menson and che guevara, we have been attacked to that, the left has been attached to that by the right for a long time. that's too bad. not the case. >> greg: all right. up next, has work been stressing you out lately? the five of us will teach you how to chill out. glad we're still using that phrase. bob might light scent cappeddals and dana might go in the downward dog position. that's yoga, people. i'll try to stay awake. ♪ ♪ nexium, the purple pill,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: well, this story vindicates my position 100%, which is that productivity is lost 63.2 billion is lost study shows out of harvard when people who work too hard, take work home at night and it would be better off and the productivity would go up if they didn't, if they took naps, took it easy, they didn't get overly exercise, things like that. this makes a lot of sense.
2:51 pm
if we all would take naps in the afternoon, productivity would go up, people wouldn't drink coffee and the ridiculous energy drinks that eric drinks. and we'd restore our philosophical view. we'd be willing to work harder. this proves my point. talk about taking nap every afternoon. i do it myself, which is why i'm so sharp on the show. i think it's -- >> kimberly: what did you say? >> bob: i have a nurse to make sure i sleep. this is a great idea. the point is well taken. would you disagree with that? you who works from 3:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the morning. >> eric: you talk about how much you like your nap. this is the full screen. this is how bob literally sleeping outside of the studio "a." ready to do a hit for megyn kelly's show. there he is, at the rnc, sleeping at the computer terminal. >> bob: that's why i was so sharp. why our ratings was so good. it makes the point.
2:52 pm
if you sleep, you will be sharper and you don't have to worry about it. >> kimberly: you know what is so funny, this is reality. >> bob: i rest 60 minutes before the show. i rested and i have an excited advantage in knowledge over y'all, around several more years. >> kimberly: trying to handicap us. >> bob: workouts are bad. >> kimberly: look what happens to your eyes -- >> bob: that is right. i went swimming after being convinced to go exercising and my eyes blew up and made me look oriental. >> kimberly: bob! >> bob: that is all i said. >> kimberly: they don't say it anymore. >> bob: are you kidding me? >> dana: this study funded by harvard. probably run by the government. study, for millenials to convince them that the laziness is the way they will succeed. i don't believe that, but i thought it was good. >> bob: i know you don't believe it. >> kimberly: insert apology. >> bob: you go to bed at 9:00 every night.
2:53 pm
you are always rested, right? >> dana: i am in bed asleep by 10:30. >> bob: i'm in bed asleep by 4:00. i think that -- >> dana: what do you do between 6:00 and 4:00? >> bob: that is a personal question and you are a goods friend of mine but i'm not going into that. i play poker gand to a.a. meetings. dabs meetings. 4:00 am is a good time to go to sleep. garbage guys picked up the garbage and there is no noise. you can go yoga. >> greg: this article is from the "new york times." the articles that are written about the relaxation or destressing are by new yorkers. who know nothing about this. you should never take advice from magazine or newspaper editors because they're the most miserable people you will meet in your life. my distresser is cooking meat.
2:54 pm
>> kimberly: i think naps are good. children benefit from them. as a single mom, i don't get them. that's why i'm tired. >> bob: one more thing d. >> kimberly: i was looking at you. ♪ ♪ hi. hi.
2:55 pm
i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. bobarino will kick it off. >> bob: i'd like to finish my one more thing that was interrupted on friday. this is to dr. carson again. dr. carson, you chose to do a conservative speech, political speech at one of the few bipartisan events that there are in washington. it's too bad. you also cited the bible. let me cite it back to you. paul romans 13:1. let ever person be subject to governing authority because there is no authority except by god's appointment. authority existing instituted by god. those who resist authority will encourage judgment. you will incur judgment because you used a national prayer breakfast as a podium to get 15 minutes of fame. shame, shame, shame. >> greg: did you refer to bam become as god? >> dana: doesn't everyone? >> eric: he walks on water. gregadoodle. >> greg: saturday, cnn, deb
2:59 pm
interviewed some dude. the science guy or whatever his name is. this is cute. a cute question. talk about something else falling from the sky. that is asteroid. is that coming our way? because of global warming or meteoric occasion? >> greg: when a planet is warmer, other asteroids want to come there and spend time. >> eric: it's warmer. jimenez is the weirdest one more thing ever. >> dana: we had a winter wonderland this week in new york. everybody is dying for jasper pictures, having a dog in the snow is fun. friends in central park. he got up an hour early. like christmas and his birthday all at once. another holiday coming up. and "the five" fans, p.s. go to five fans. he does great things. jasper valentine you can send to all sorts of people that you love this valentine's
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